We think these self adhesive cotton gift embelishments from Paperchase are far too cute for words, so we’ll leave you with their image instead 🙂

tartan trees


We have recently updated our website (hooray!) so to mark this momentous achievement we’ve decided to share the news, and where better to do this than here, in our beloved blog.

If you have time, why not click this link and browse blissfully, if you don’t, you can just look at the photos in this post, and whichever one you do we hope you like what you see!

When we first saw this work by Pablo Reinoso, we thought it was a very interesting take on a park bench.

When we discovered it was called Banc Spaghetti, we got a little hungry 🙂

Banc Spaghetti de Pablo Reinoso Photo: Juan Tronquoy

Photo credit: Juan Tronquoy

Welcome back everyone to one of our regular features, the ‘Wooden Poetry’ post, which, as always, features an informative poem about a type of wood.

Today’s featured wood is the Cedar


Cedars in the Himalayas,

Cedars in the Med

I just can’t get cedars out of my head.


Disclaimer: The start of this poem is based on facts we read on Wikipedia, the rest is totally made up.

Keeping with the coffee/tea theme from earlier in the week, we (much like most people, probably) are of the opinion that any self respecting cuppa should be joined by a worthy milk jug.

Hence, we are proud to introduce you to our latest love: these brilliant bug jugs by Hampshire based designer Robert Turner.

Clearly, this is how you make creepy crawlies cool 🙂

bug jug

Photo credit: Rob Turner website

Hello and welcome to our ‘Six to See’ post.

Every week we present 6 designs based on a (mostly) random theme and share them with the world.
This is not a top ten list, not a top 6 even, just a small selection of designs we dig.

Today’s post is dedicated to those of you who are reading this while on your coffee break.

Just for you, we have selected six coffee table designs, and hope you enjoy them as much as your real coffee (or indeed tea, if that’s you beverage of choice).




Well some things just drive you there, don’t they?

This fantastic installation, which does anything but, yet somehow provided us with a visual representation of that feeling is by Korean artist Lila Jang.

Photo credit: designklub

We recently colaborated with our good friends at PIA estudi on their makeover for ‘That’s Cool’ a language school here in Barcelona.

It was a challenging and enjoyable project and now that it’s done there’s one thing we can say- if you feel that you’re too cool for school, make your school cool!

For more before/after photos go too http://piaestudi.wordpress.com/2013/10/08/thats-cool/ and scroll to the end of the post.

And so we’re back, after a summer break that has extended well into November it seems…

Well, in our defence it still pretty much feels like summer here at Labayru i Gonzalez HQ in Barcelona, so much so, that only last weekend the team was out in full force in (and in swimming trunks and bikinis) on a beautiful Costa Brava beach, the memory of which is still very fresh in our minds….

But before we digress, we would like to celebrate this unusual (and probably really environmentally unsound) extended-summer we are having by featuring in today’s ‘Six to See’ a selection of beach chairs.

As always with our ‘Six to See’ posts,  this is not a top ten list, not a top 6 even, just small selection of designs we dig.

Welcome to our ‘Wooden Poetry’ post which each week features an informative poem about a different type of wood.

mushy peas

The European Yew prefers life in the shade
He’s fond of mountains, church yards,
And things that are home made.

The European Yew
Likes mushy peas and stew
But when it comes to cooking them
He doesn’t have a clue.

Disclaimer: The start of this poem is based on facts we read on Wikipedia, the rest is totally made up.